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RCI, Incorporated is an international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers who specialize in the specification and design of roofing, waterproofing and building envelope systems.

Since 1983 RCI members have offered unbiased design, repair planning, quality observance, legal testimony, and general roof management services. In March of 2006, RCI (formerly Roof Consultants Institute) expanded its mission and service scope to include waterproofing and the building envelope. This action reflects the understanding that roofing issues often influence the entire building envelope. It was discovered that in increasing frequency, RCI members are called upon to address building-wide concerns from below-grade to rooftop.

The Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC), Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC) and Registered Roof Observer (RRO) programs distinguish professionals with the proven standards of education, experience and ethics.

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Chapter AGM 2018

The RCI Ontario Chapter held its Annual General Meeting on January 31st at St George's Golf & Country Club in Etobicoke. The Beautiful and historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for what was a busy day of activity for the 67 attendees that braved the morning snowstorm to be in attendance.

This event kicked off with current Chapter President Jennifer Hogan delivering a Call to Order and putting forth the Motion to adopt the Agenda. Jennifer then introduced the 2017 Board of Directors and thanked them for their work throughout the year. Jennifer announced that she will be vacating the position of Chapter President and that current Vice-President David McMillan will become the new Chapter President for 2018. The 2017 Director/Committee reports were issued by each sector and was followed by a Motion to accept Committee Reports as presented. The 2017 Financial Statements were reviewed and the new proposed 2018 budget was discussed.

Nomination forms were presented to each attendee with the names of candidates that were running for election at several positions that were becoming available. Some were for current Director Positions and some were for Director at Large positions. Each nominee was granted the opportunity to address the audience to convey their platform before the election ballets were tallied. The RCI Ontario Chapter and its Board of Directors would like to thank kindly all those who put forth their name for consideration in the election process and who were willing to donate their time to potentially be part of the new board.

Upon tabulation of the election results the announcement was made by Jennifer Hogan introducing the new 2018 board. The selected members are listed as follows:

David McMillan Remy Consulting
Jennifer Hogan Pretium Anderson
Allen Lyte T.J. Allen Partners Inc.
Denis Theriault DT Roofing
John Mills Tremco Roofing
Megan Kikuta Tremco Roofing
Kyle Boyce Bakor
Russell Ibbotson Velux Canada
Mike Da Silva Can-Sky Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Jay Campbell Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.
Gary Hamilton Maritime Branch (Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick)
David Agnew WSP Canada Inc.
Shawn Irani TSS Building Sciences Inc.
Stephanie Robinson WSP Canada (Ottawa)

Actual board positions will not be made final until after the first Board of Director meeting on February 20, 2018!

Before departing her post as President Jennifer Hogan was presented with the "President Recognition Award" from Vice-President David Mc Millan. The award was well deserved as Jennifer really put forth great effort this year to promote the Ontario Chapter and help get more students involved with RCI activities. At last year's Convention in Anaheim she spent much of her time with the students that she was mentoring. She provided friendship, guidance and leadership and the Ontario Chapter was fortunate to have had her at the helm for this past year!

David McMillan then announced that the Ontario Chapter had been granted Gold Level Chapter Award for the year from RCI International which will be presented at this year's National Convention. This is great recognition for the Ontario Chapter and a testament to the hard work that was performed by all the members of the board and Director's at Large throughout this past.

The RCI Ontario Chapter would like to acknowledge the following for their sponsorship for this event:

Lunch Sponsors: Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd. & ITP Inc. (Interior Tarp Protection)
Cocktail Sponsors: IKO Industries and Lexsuco Corporation

Upon completion of the AGM the technical committee had organized an educational seminar on "Specifying Wind Loads" which was facilitated by Dave Miller. This seminar was designed to bring understanding to the complex issue of wind loads and the effect it has on design and securement of roofing assemblies. Dave spoke diligently about Factory Mutual, ULC and CSA standards as it applies to design on roofs and there attachment methods. He touched on Part 5 of The National Building Code and delved into wind pressure, velocity, external pressure and exposure as elements that can affect the calculation methods for wind uplift. He also spoke about the measures that exist and are used by manufacturers for testing their roof assemblies. It was a very informative and highly technical seminar. Dave who has gained so much experience and knowledge on this subject from his time spent in the roofing industry was able to shed some light on this topic which is so important to the design criteria for roof systems in this province.

The Ontario Chapter would like to thank the technical committee members for helping to organize this lecture. A special thank you to the following:

Gary Hamilton, Dave Miller, Art Henderson, Darrel Henderson, Karuna Karunananthan, Michel Desgranges, Paul Zanetti and Steeven Lapointe.

Curling Social
When the AGM and educational seminar wrapped up it was time for some lunch and beverages. After a lunch 24 members who chose to stay around took to the curling rink for a great afternoon of throwing stones. This was the second time this event was held in conjunction with the AGM and again to great fanfare. It appeared that all of those who attended had a wonderful time and enjoyed the chance to partake in one of Canada's great past times. Aside from the sound of the stones clashing together and the yells of “sweep, sweep,” “hard, hard” laughter could be heard throughout the rink, which If I were to surmise meant that a good time was had by all!

The Chapter would like to thank the Social Committee for organizing this great event.

Upcoming Events

  • February 8th & 9th.
    RCI Ontario Chapter Education Committee has organized a two day course on "Metal Roofing" at the TCA Offices in Richmond Hill
    16 CEHs will be available for those who attend

    Guest Speakers will be: Shawn Irani of TSS Building Science Inc., Michael Henson of IRC Building Sciences Group and Doug Fishburn of Fishburn Building Sciences Group Inc.

  • March 7th, 2018
    The RCI Ontario Chapter is holding a "Breakfast Seminar" on New Legislation: Highlights of Bill 142 (Construction Lien Amendment Act) and Bill 148 (Ontario's New Labour Laws) at Credit Valley Golf Club

    Guest Speakers: To Be Determined!

  • April 27, 2018
    The RCI Ontario Chapter is holding an upcoming educational course on "Architectural Sheet Metal Flashing Design" at the TCA Offices in Richmond Hill 8 CEHs will be available for those who attend.
    Guest Speaker will be: Allen Lyte, B. Tech., A.Sc.T, RRO who is a practicing partner in T.J. Allen Partners Inc.

Figure 1. David McMillan presenting Jennifer Hogan with the President Recognition Award.

Figure 2. Board Members Jennifer Hogan, Allen Lyte, David McMillan & Shawn Irani.

Figure 3. Dave Miller Delivers seminar on Specifying Wind Uplift.

Figure 4. Wind Uplift Seminar after the AGM Meeting.

Figure 5. Curling Social at St George's Golf & Country Club.

Figure 6. Chapter members enjoying beverages after the curling social.

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Chapter Year End

The Ontario Chapter and affiliates were busy over the last month hosting several events in several cities. It got started on November 3rd when The Ontario Chapters Education Committee hosted a Breakfast Seminar on: “Exterior Walls Quality Assurance” at the TCA offices in Richmond Hill. The event was facilitated by Ted Sheridan of Fishburn Sheridan & Associates.

This event was followed up by an “Exterior Walls and Quality Assurance” seminar in our Maritime Branch in Fredericton, New Brunswick. That event was facilitated by Region VII Director Bryan Fishburn and Maritime Branch Director Gary Hamilton. Both seminars offered professionals who are interested in performing observations to assure exterior walls are being installed in accordance with code and specifications the opportunity to learn more about the various systems that are available. Topics covered Brick, EIFS and metal cladding systems and the interfacing of the waterproofing components within the assembly. Many thanks to Ted, Bryan and Gary for donating their time to provide expertise and insighte into this informative yet extensive topic.

Figure 1. Exterior Walls Quality Assurance seminar in Ottawa

On December 7, 2017 the RCI Ontario Chapter held its “Christmas Luncheon” and “Casino Night” at the Le Jardin Banquet Hall in Vaughan, Ontario. Although it was a cold and windy day in the city, it was a warm and inviting setting inside where patrons were greeted with hor’duerves and beverages while they mingled with their peers. Voutures were provided so that guests had the chance to try their hand at the casino type games that were stationed throughout the foyer. From Black Jack to Roulette to Craps there was plenty of opportunity to wager in hopes of winning several of the prizes that were available including sets of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets.

Figure 2. Casino Night at the Le Jardin

A magician was also in house to provide entertainment for onlookers who seemed perplexed at the sleight of hand tricks that were being performed in front of them. It seemed that the event was well received and this is typically a great event for the RCI Ontario Chapter and good way to end off the year that was in a beautiful social setting among colleagues and friends.

Figure 3. Christmas Luncheon at Le Jardin

The Ontario Chapter would like to acknowledge the following for their sponsorship for this event:
Cocktail Sponsors: Tremco and Crawford Roofing
Wine Sponsors: Soprema and Situra
Entertainment Sponsor: Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.

A special thank you as well to Polyglass U.S.A. and Interior Tarp Protection for donating the Toronto Maple Leaf tickets your donation was greatly appreciated!

As the New Year dawns the Ontario Chapter will hold its AGM or “Annual General Meeting” in Etobicoke, Ontario on January 31st at the beautiful and historic St. George’s Golf and Country Club. St George’s has hosted five (5) Canadian Open Championships and this past year hosted the Invictus Games inaugural golf tournament.

The AGM will see new appointees to the executive board via election as some of the current board members vacate their positions. Once the executive portion of the meeting has commenced the social committee has organized a curling event for those who dare to take to the ice to participate in this inherently Canadian past time. This will be the second year in a row that the Annual General Meeting has been accompanied by the curling social.

Figure 4. St George's Golf Club home to the 2018 AGM

As 2017 draws to a close it is worth reflecting on the year that was for the Ontario Chapter. A new President was elected at the start of the year. Jennifer Hogan deserves acknowledgement for her efforts and leadership that she provided the board with throughout the year and the goals/milestones that she set for this chapter going forward. Her efforts to promote, educate and build upon the platform of those that came before her are to be applauded and her hard work and dedication is certainly respected.

The Board took on many challenges this year and implemented some new directives. The Ontario Chapter Education Committee began live streaming the breakfast seminars which allowed those who could not attend the live events to participate. The Social Committee went outside the box of traditional entertainment and put together a first ever “Casino Night” event at the Christmas Luncheon. The Membership committee began researching new ways to attract new members buy aligning with Colleges to promote all that RCI has to offer. Marketing is looking at expanding the current social media platform into other avenues in hopes that this will generate more discussion and interest in RCI related items.

In general the entire 2017 Chapter Board did some promising things and all the board members should commended for their accomplishments.

Figure 5. 2017 RCI Ontario Chapter Board

As we look forward to 2018 there will be changing of the guard as it relates to the committee. Some existing members will move on to other things and new members will come on board. For those who will be moving on a special thank you for your time and service and best wishes to you in your new endeavors. It should be an exciting year for the Ontario Chapter.

The education Committee has already started announcing seminars and workshops and later this year the Ontario Chapter will host the RCI International Trade Show for Building Envelope which will be a chance for Canada, Ontario and the local chapter to showcase the deep talent pool of consultants and engineers that we have to offer.

Upcoming Events

  • RCI Ontario Chapter is holding an upcoming “Breakfast Seminar” on “Thermal Bridging and R Value and Hybrid Roofing Systems” in Ottawa at the National Research Council of Canada on January 16, 2018

    Guest Speakers will be David Kayll FMA, P. Eng. & Director – Building Science East and David Noel P. Eng. – Building Science Ottawa

  • The Ontario Chapter will be holding its “Annual General Meeting” on January 31, 2018 at St George’s Golf and Country Club in Toronto. This will be followed by a curling social at St George’s Golf Club

  • The Ontario Chapter Education Committee will be hosting a “Seminar” on January 31, 2018 on “Specifying Wind Loads” and this event will also be held at St George’s Golf Club

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Chapter Update

The Ontario Chapter staged a Course on "Exterior Walls Quality Assurance" in Richmond Hill, Ontario to kick of the month of November. The November 3rd Course granted members a last chance to gain CEHs in this calendar year. The event was hosted by former Region VI Director Ted Sheridan of Fishburn, Sheridan & Associates Ltd. who was also facilitating as guest speaker on a topic that he has a plethora of knowledge on.

The one day course is designed for professionals interested in performing observation to assure that exterior wall systems are being installed in accordance with construction specifications in the area. The program covered this diverse topic which touches on material selection such as metal panels, cladding or EIFS systems and the interfacing of the waterproofing components to ensure a watertight assembly.

Since this was the last RCI course offered this year it was fairly well attended by consultants with no less than four (4) former Region VI Directors in attendance.

The next couple of months in the Ontario Chapter will see a much more social tone with the annual Christmas Luncheon being held on December 7th in Woodbridge. The social committee has organized a first ever “casino night” around the luncheon which should be most entertaining. Winnings from the casino night event will be cashed in for a number of prizes including Leafs tickets for those fortunate enough to be on the winning side of the action. The Christmas luncheon tends to be one of the best supported events of the year. It is a fabulous event for all chapter members to attend as it is a great opportunity to relax and mingle with their peers and celebrate the year that was in our wonderful industry.

As the New Year dawns the Ontario Chapter will hold its AGM or "Annual General Meeting" in Etobicoke, Ontario on January 31st at the beautiful and historic St. George's Golf and Country Club. St George’s has hosted five (5) Canadian Open Championships and this past year hosted the Invictus Games inaugural golf tournament.

The AGM will see new appointees to the executive board via election as some of the current board members vacate their positions. Once the executive portion of the meeting has commenced the social committee has organized a curling event for those who dare to take to the ice to participate in this inherently Canadian past time. This will be the second year in a row that the Annual General Meeting has been accompanied by the curling social.

Upcoming Events

  • RCI Ontario Chapter 2017 Christmas Luncheon: December 07, 2017 Location: Le Jardin Banquet Hall – Woodbridge
  • RCI Ontario Chapter 2018 Annual General Meeting: January 31, 2018 Location: St. George’s Golf and Country Club

RCI Ontario Chapter


Technical Committee Notice

The RCI Ontario Chapter has established a Technical Committee with several goals including:

  • Encouraging Chapter members to participate in the annual RCI Document Competition.
  • Encourage questions, thoughts, examples, and case studies that can be considered by the Committee and, where appropriate, published by the Chapter for the benefit of our members.

If you wish to contact the Technical Committee, please send an email to rci@rci-ontariochapter.ca with the Subject "Attn: Technical Committee".

Note: In responding to questions, the technical committee will canvas our resources and offer responses based on information from leading companies, individuals, or groups that have offered credible opinion or fact on the subject. We will not guess, answer, offer opinion on a subject question as individuals but will respond collectively as agents for the dissemination of credible opinion or verified fact.

Gary Hamilton, Technical Committee Co-Chair

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Membership in the national organization provides not only all the benefits, magazine and information received by a member but also enrolls you in the local chapter where you live. There are no other fees - we simply hope you will join us to promote education and professionalism in our industry.

Upcoming Events

Breakfast Seminar: New Legislation - Highlights of Bill 142 and Bill 148 Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Location: Credit Valley Golf Club
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Architectural Sheet Metal Flashing Design (a brand new course) Date: April 27, 2018
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
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