RCI ONTARIO INC – Founding Members

Originally known as Region-VIII (Canada), was established in 1995. Three years later, the Ontario Chapter was formed, and it became one of the first officially recognized chapters within RCI International. The founding members of the chapter were:

RCI ONTARIO INC – Past Presidents

The following members have served as President of the Board of Directors since the inception of the Chapter:

1995-1996 Albert Duwyn
1996-1997 Douglas Fishburn
1997-1998 Marc Allaire
1998-1999 Graydon Hexham
1999-2000 Barry O'Brien
2000-2001 Jean-Guy Levaque
2001-2002 Dennis Sykora
2002-2003 Zen Szewczyk
2003-2004 Peter Rohman
2004-2005 John Kataila
2006 Brandon Hexham
2007 Chris Eichhorn
2008 Allen Lyte
2009 Colin Donaldson
2010 Michael Tindale
2011 Barbara Kemp
2012 Joel Dandele
2013 Derrick Moore
2014 Allan Bigelow
2015 Katharine Spavins
2016 Bryan Fishburn